Migration process

If you’re upgrading from an older version of SysON to the latest release, this section provides step-by-step guidance on migrating your existing data and settings to the new version.

1. 2024.5.0

Adopting the 20245.0 version doesn’t require a migration process.

2. 2024.3.0

Migrating to the 2024.3.0 version doesn’t require any changes to the semantic model, so your models can be directly loaded, but diagrams need to be recreated.

3. 2024.1.0

Adopting the 2024.1.0 version doesn’t require a migration process.

4. 2023.12.0

As this marks the first release of our product, there is no migration process required. Users can confidently adopt this release without any specific steps for migrating from previous versions.