Parametric modeling and constraints

In SysML v1, managing block input parameters is an important aspect for modeling complex systems. SysML v1 uses blocks to represent a system’s structural elements, and input parameters define the interfaces between them. Ports are connection points on a block, allowing you to specify the interfaces through that blocks interact with each other. SysML v1 leverages parametric diagrams to define and link input parameters. This enables precise modeling of interactions and behaviors between system components. They capture constraints and relationships between parameters within and between blocks.

SysML v2 introduces a different approach to managing block input parameters. SysML v2 continues to use ports to define connection points on blocks. SysML v2 swaps parametric diagrams for Interconnection View diagrams in managing block input parameters.

In the Interconnection view diagram, users can create a new part by clicking on the root node’s displayed toolbar. Then by displaying toolbar on this new node, user can also create port ont the new part. To represent data flow between ports, user can create either InterfaceUsage or BindingConnector as usage. These data flows visually represent how parameter values relate to each other, allowing their propagation through the model.

{Connected ports}

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