Key features in SysON

SysON encompasses a set of key features aimed at enhancing the modeling experience within the SysML v2 framework. The primary functionalities of SysON are centered around project management and model creation, aligning with the classical views recommended by the SysML v2 standard.

In SysON, features are categorized into two distinct levels of maturity:

  • Experimental: Features in the early stages of development or testing, subject to potential changes and improvements based on user feedback.

  • Stable: Features that have completed rigorous testing, are deemed reliable, and are ready for production use with a high level of confidence in their stability and capability.

This dual categorization allows users to select features based on their comfort level with the maturity of each, providing flexibility and transparency in the usage of SysON.

2. Ongoing development

SysON is continually evolving, with a commitment to expanding its repertoire of views in alignment with the SysML v2 standard. Future releases will introduce additional features, ensuring SysON remains a comprehensive and adaptable tool for system engineering.

3. Others

For other features, please contact us.