1. Make a difference

SysON, being an open source project, encourages everyone to contribute to its development. You can contribute to SysON in different ways, including:

  • Joining the active community forum,

  • Identifying and reporting bugs,

  • Proposing new features,

  • Enhancing the documentation,

  • Writing comprehensive tests,

  • Fixing existing issues.

2. Get involved

2.1. Joining the forum

For any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contribute in the forum on GitHub.

2.2. Sharing your feedback

Your feedback is crucial to the continuous improvement of SysON. If you believe something is missing, meet strange behavior, or want to express your satisfaction with the current state, feel free to share your thoughts.

2.3. Reporting issues

Bug reports are essential, so report any issues you meet. When reporting bugs, offer detailed descriptions, reproducible tests, example code, or any other relevant information that can aid in resolving the issue.

The issue tracker is hosted on GitHub:

To submit a new issue, you’ll need a GitHub account. For guidance on searching for issues, see GitHub’s help page.

2.4. Enriching the documentation

Have you found errors or inconsistencies in the documentation? We welcome your contributions.

SysON’s documentation can be found on GitHub:

Clone the repository, update the documentation, and trigger a pull request. The documentation is written in AsciiDoc syntax, making it straightforward to contribute. Refer to the developer guide’s Documentation section for insights into the documentation building process.

3. Contributing to the code

SysON leverages GitHub for code hosting, enabling straightforward retrieval and source-code builds. Clone the repository, make your modifications, align them with SysON requirements, and start a pull request.

Follow the developer guide to gain insights into setting up your development environment and get started with contributing to the SysON codebase.

Embark on your SysON contribution journey today.

4. Sponsoring SysON

We invite organizations to join us in supporting the ongoing development and enhancement of SysON. Your sponsorship can help us expand the capabilities of this open source project, ensuring it continues to meet the needs of the system engineering community. If you are interested in sponsoring SysON, please reach out to us to discuss sponsorship opportunities and how your support can make a difference.