Integrating with Capella

As we look to the future, exploring the potential integration between SysON and the Capella open source modeling tool emerges as a promising avenue for enhancing the collaborative environment in Model-Based Systems Engineering - MBSE projects. The envisioned integration aims to establish a seamless connection between SysON and Capella, allowing system engineers to consider both platforms as complementary tools for their SysML v2 modeling endeavors.

In this envisioned scenario, SysON could potentially serve as a core component for SysML v2 model editing within the Capella environment. The goal is to facilitate synchronization and co-design of SysML v2 models alongside Capella projects, fostering a cohesive and interoperable approach to system engineering.

Structured editors within SysON, encompassing graphical, form-based, and table editors, could harmonize with Capella’s modeling environment, offering engineers a flexible and versatile toolkit. While this integration remains a vision for future work, the potential benefits include an improved efficiency in MBSE projects through a unified solution that capitalizes on the strengths of both SysON and Capella.

This conceptual integration underlines SysON’s commitment to evolving in tandem with emerging needs in the MBSE landscape. As we explore these possibilities, SysON envisions contributing to a more interconnected and interoperable ecosystem for system engineers, paving the way for a collaborative future in SysML v2 modeling.