MBSE capabilities

1. MBSE methodologies

Model-Based Systems Engineering - MBSE methodologies offer structured approaches for developing system models to manage complex engineering challenges. While SysON, doesn’t come bundled with a specific methodology out-of-the-box, it offers a flexible platform for implementing various MBSE methodologies tailored to specific project needs. With its extensibility and customization capabilities, users can integrate to SysON diverse MBSE methodologies, ranging from traditional approaches to specific practices. As SysON is based on Sirius Web, users can design and implement MBSE methodologies, empowering teams to model, analyze, and manage complex systems throughout the engineering lifecycle.

2. Collaborative modeling

Various solutions exist for collaborating with SysON. Explore different collaboration methods to enhance your teamwork and communication within SysON.

  • Share Projects, Models, Diagrams: Collaborating in SysON is a breeze with the ability to share projects, models, and diagrams. Sharing projects and models is as simple as providing a link, similar to the process of sharing diagrams.

  • Exchange Projects or Models.