SysON Overview

1. Overview

SysON is a web-based open source graphical modeling environment for authoring Systems Modeling Language - SysML version 2 models. It provides support for SysML v2, a standardized language for modeling complex systems. SysON offers features for creating, editing, and visualizing SysML v2 models, enabling users to capture system requirements, design architectures, and analyze system behavior.

SysON overview

Developed with a focus on addressing the system engineers' requirements in the Model-Based Systems Engineering - MBSE community, SysON offers a sophisticated features' set.

Supporting both graphical and textual notation, SysON includes capability for a textual syntax' subset within its direct editing capabilities for diagrams, with support for importing textual syntax.

2. At a glance

SysON project provides an open source and interoperable tool for editing SysML v2 models conforming to the Object Management Group OMG Standard, for the MBSE community. SysON showcases structured editors: graphical, form-based and tables, using the capabilities of the Eclipse Sirius Web modeling platform. The project ensures seamless integration with open source solutions such as Papyrus and Capella, further enhancing the usability and versatility of the tool.

3. Source code