Keyboard shortcuts

Before you Start

🔥 This feature is currently considered experimental. Try it out and give feedback by reporting bugs and suggesting new features. It’s not recommended for production use.

👥 This feature is available to all users.

1. General

To delete a given element, user can select the element and the press the Del key from representation editor.

2. Basic editing

User can press F2 key or start typing the new value directly to efficiently update an element name from representation editor.

Explore further by referring to the following how-tos for Edit Label action.

3. Multi-selection

Two ways to select several elements exist:

3.1. Ctrl key

A user can select an element by clicking on it and then select another one by holding Ctrl key and clicking on the other element. This keyboard shortcut is available in the representation editor and in the Project Explorer view.

3.2. Shift key

To select several element in one action from representation editor, user can press Shift key and draw a rectangular area around elements that user wants to select. After releasing the click, all element in the area are selected.

User can display the filter bar by holding Ctrl+f (Windows/Linux) or Cmd+f (MacOS) from the Project Explorer view.

Explore further by referring to the following how-tos for Filter elements.