Developer guide

This developer guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your developer environment, contribute to the codebase, and enhance the capability of SysON.

1. Retrieving the source code

SysON is built upon the Eclipse Sirius Web project. SysON is licensed under the (EPL v2) Open Source license The source code is openly available on GitHub:

To get the source code, clone the repository by using either SSH:

git clone


git clone

2. Setting up your development environment

  1. Download your coding environment Spring Tools 4.22.0

  2. Ensure that m2e version from your environment is 2.6.0

    m2e version
  3. Retrieve the source code or fork it if you want to make contribution

  4. Import backend plugins from syson repository in your workspace

  5. Update settings.xml file from your .m2 folder to give access to other repositories during the build To see dependance with access to add in settings.xml, have a look on backend\application\syson-application\pom.xml You need to create access tokens on Github to complete settings.xml.

    settings file
  6. Right click syson-services module and then Properties>JavaBuildPath>Source Add main/generated folder and remove excluded content and former antlr/grammar You should retrieve the following Java build path

    Java build path
  7. Update Maven project by launching "ALT+F5" shortcut on all modules of your workspace