1. SysML v2 Standard API

The SysML v2 API is unavailable. For interoperability with SysON, use the provided file exchange format.

SysON’s vision includes a dedicated commitment to interoperability, with a future-oriented perspective on supporting standard APIs for seamless connections with a diverse array of modeling resources. While the implementation of standard APIs is an aspect under consideration for future development, SysON aims to offer a foundation for fluid collaboration between different tools within the Model-Based Systems Engineering - MBSE landscape.

As SysON progresses, these future developments in interoperability will further solidify its role as a collaborative platform, fostering an interconnected environment for MBSE practitioners.

The ongoing commitment to incorporating standard APIs and SysML v2 textual specifications underscores SysON’s dedication to providing users with a versatile and interoperable modeling solution.